To know the VP+C crew is to know that we love to give…and receive. Honestly, who doesn’t?! So, if we made your nice list this year, here’s a rundown of presents—ranging from $12 to Neiman Marcus catalog-style splurges—that your favorite PR peeps are pining for. Say, what’s on your wish list this year? Margaux Caniato               Slivered Geode Coasters, $14             Issue of Monocle, $24 + under             Philippe Starck Modular House, from $2,968 to $5,342 per square meter   Lisa Jasper    …

After a stop in Michelle’s hometown, we’re cruisin’ to Wesport, CT, to check out the happy places that make Margaux Caniato, principal + chief rainbow maker, feel right at home: Just an hour outside NYC, Westport, CT, is where I spend my family time and it holds a special place in my heart. It’s a shoreline community so the beach, Compo Beach, is our everything—dinner on the beach, coffee at the beach, yoga on the beach, church at the beach, and play at the beach all year long. The famed Flag Bridge is as charming as the rainbows that regularly…

When I told my colleagues that I was crazy for concrete well, they thought I was crazy. That is until they started scouting the design scene.

Turns out Sir Richard enjoyed reading “In-N-Out Burger” almost as much as we did.

Bright lights and colors, big cities, good communication and transportation- all in a week’s news briefs from the VP+C team.

We’re drawing inspiration from a few great design minds, a delicious meal for mini-foodies, and all the pretty shapes and colors.

Devine Color: Devine Leather   Meghan Falls For An Italian (Sculptor) Stallion When it comes to color I have always bet on black. It’s a shade that became a sensation for me when I was a wee one. And, it was likely spurred on by the fact that I was (and still am) called the black sheep of the family, and strengthened as my now bygone black book filled with daring and delicious details. Today, however, I pick the hue as my preferred poison because it symbolizes mystery, elegance, depth, authority, and, perhaps most importantly, because it absolutely, unequivocally, goes…

We’re packing away our white pants and looking at what’s fresh, shiny and new for – gulp – fall. See this week’s dispatches on PR, ethics, design and collegiate style.

In this week’s news, the team took note of some smart marketing partnerships, great finds for business travelers, the pitfalls of “pay-it-forward”, and exciting new design techniques.

This week’s sweet top stories – including dispatches from Architectural Digest, GrubStreet, The Wall Street Journal, AdAge, and Forbes – touch on sugary treats, marketing mishaps, corporate competition + classic cars.