The Wednesday Word: News Stories from the VP+C Team
By vpc
August 27th, 2014 |
Dine + Design

In this week’s news, the team took note of some smart marketing partnerships, great finds for business travelers (every publicist finds herself stuck in the airport and starving post-tradeshow), the pitfalls of “pay-it-forward”, and even exciting new design techniques.

The Chicago Mix is a sweet-salty miracle.

Having enjoyed a brief stay in the Chicago airport this week (and many, many past layovers), frequent business traveler Lisa thoroughly enjoyed this 4-hour, $25 adventure at O’Hare. She and Michelle highly recommend the Chicago Mix too.

Emily enjoyed reading an interesting story about the recent 10-hour “Pay it Forward” chain that occurred at a Starbucks. People have been labeling the woman that broke the chain as “cheap” and “selfish”, but this article from Fast Company proves that she was ultimately just being economical.

Jon Smith’s design material masterwork

This week Meghan is bursting with excitement over photographer Jon Smith’s bright ideas, which combine lighting elements and paint- two of VP+C’s favorite categories. Click on over to see more of his exploding lightbulb artwork.

Jourdann took note of a unique contest and partnership between Airbnb and Ikea, offering shoppers the chance to stay in promotional bedrooms in a Sydney, Australia Ikea store and be woken in the morning in a remarkable way.

Walz’s wild wallpaper ideas

Rachel found this New York Times article about a unique new technique for creating wall coverings fascinating. An artist painted patterns on linens and was intrigued with the way it looked when the paint bled through the other side, so he digitally scanned it and voila!