Quick Reads: PR and Marketing News from the VP+C team
By vpc
August 21st, 2014 |
Dine + Design

Michelle learned firsthand this weekend that this four-wheeled war is real, having ordered three Ubers and being stood up by all, thanks to the kickback the drivers will receive from Lyft for playing dirty.

The Aesthete never steers Rachel wrong. Two stories about things we may have forgotten — caring for our china with felt rounds (thank me later), and paying attention to what is often the most neglected surface in the room — the ceiling!
Lisa is closely following this Oreo Mini PR mess, which reminds us to make small promises and deliver BIG. Chips Ahoy- we say jump in and send cookie care packages while these folks are still hungry.

Meghan also brought something sweet to the table this week: news that California-based candy land Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe has moved into NY’s West Village. Grub Street has the dish on this new neighborhood treat.

Emily’s lamenting the probable demise of the American mall. Online shopping and the digital age have contributed to a noticeable decrease in mall visits in recent years.

Jourdann is intrigued by Samsung’s recent acquisition of SmartThings, a startup that builds apps for connected devices in the burgeoning Internet of Things industry. This purchase underscores the competition between Google, Apple and Samsung to be the largest player in the Internet of Things phenomenon.

Margaux has officially crossed over to the classic car world, as she geeks out over the ’54 Ferrari that took best in show at the Pebble Beach Concourse D’Elegance this weekend. However, her heart still favors her personal pick for best in show —the Mercedes-Benz streamliner which made its freshly-restored public debut there as well. It was a showstopper!