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October 2nd, 2014 |
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Devine Color: Devine Leather


Meghan Falls For An Italian (Sculptor) Stallion

When it comes to color I have always bet on black. It’s a shade that became a sensation for me when I was a wee one. And, it was likely spurred on by the fact that I was (and still am) called the black sheep of the family, and strengthened as my now bygone black book filled with daring and delicious details. Today, however, I pick the hue as my preferred poison because it symbolizes mystery, elegance, depth, authority, and, perhaps most importantly, because it absolutely, unequivocally, goes with anything—whether we’re talking fashion, food, favorite spaces, or anything in between.

Take a look at Italian artist Paolo Grassino’s arresting art works, which are whipped up from rubber, wax and/or concrete. Sure, they’re a little dark, but so is Leather! Paolo really knows how to push the boundaries of these materials, and my buttons.

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Rachel Suits Up

I have unofficially dubbed the first day of the work week “Menswear Mondays”, because day-of-the-week alliterations are all the rage—Throwback Thursday, etc—and, let’s be honest, I can barely operate the coffee maker come Monday morning let alone get creative with clothing choices.

Menswear-style slacks are of course looser, and thus crazy comfortable, and nothing says “bring it on, winter” in a more classic and chic way than a solid staple pair of black pants. Lest we forget that, unlike women’s pants, the pockets on “boy” bottoms are actually functional! Though I’m not sure you’ll see me donning a tie in this lifetime, I’m absolutely on board with the trouser thing.

Here are a few of my favorite looks, from street style to couture.

Unknown-1 Unknown





















Margaret Is All About Black On Black On Black

There is something about layering black—whether it’s different textures or shades—that will always draw my eye.

Ad Reinhardt’s black paintings from the 1960s are among my favorite series to look at. A lot of viewers may think this canvas is only one color, but there is a very real 9-square grid in there. And, my cheat sheet from the MOMA points out red corners, a green horizontal row in the center and blue in the vertical center of the top and bottom rows. Upon first glance the painting may come off as an oversimplified idea. But, if you spend some time with it and let your eyes reveal the subtle differences that exist within the shades of black, it becomes a conceptual piece and you may start to see some depth within the canvas. In extreme cases (like mine), it may change your perspective on the color entirely and inspire you to look at any solid canvas from a few different angles instead of identifying the color and quickly moving along.

















Lisa Is Loving Moody Florals

 Temporarily being twice my normal size has some small advantages (the occasional subway seat, the freedom to sneak a second Oreo and a new-if not short-lived-wardrobe. So this season I’m thankful for the darkest trend to come down the runways and save me from my all-black rut: moody florals. These beautiful, easy-to-wear dark prints are popping up on all kinds of statement pieces, and seem so glamorous and cool they might just distract from my blossoming belly. You’ll find me swanning around in the following (or at least dreaming about it) in the coming months.


Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 4.15.46 PM Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 4.16.11 PM Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 4.16.39 PM























Lisa Signature





Jackie Has The Dish

Food makes up 90% of my day–it keeps me awake, happy, smiling, and most importantly, it allows me to be as adventurous as I want. For now, I look to food to bring some jet-setter excitement into my life!

My desire to explore new tastes and cultures through cuisine is matched only by a desire to present my creations in the sleekest and cleanest ways possible. Enter, black. And, enter squid ink pasta. Besides its salty ocean taste, squid ink boasts a beautiful bold color that complements anything you pair it with. For me, the hue presents an opportunity for me to shine and to be as creative, or as simple, as I want. Occasionally I like to let the rich shade of the pasta serve as a masterpiece of its own, void of any fuss and flair. But other times I use it as the backdrop to the bigger picture, infusing as many colors as I can whip up to create a visually electrifying feast. Either way….yum!

pasta scallop







Jackie Courlas




Emily Is All About A Great Cover Up

The first dark thought that came to me was how much I love one classic fall essential spotted all over New York Fashion Week: the leather jacket.

A great leather jacket is one of those pieces that can be worn with almost every outfit, and will easily take you from day to night. From classy and chic to the edgiest motorcycle cut, anyone (women and men) can find one suited to his or her personal style. A sleek and polished black leather jacket never goes out of fashion, and is a timeless look just like the color itself.

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 10.39.14 AM


















Jourdann Is Hung Up On Art

I came across Oliver Gal Co.’s custom art prints, paintings and photography when feeding my flash sale addiction on Gilt. I was hooked to the art brand because each piece takes an iconic fashion, geography or design reference, or a striking print or motif, and injects it with modern sass and swag that commands attention. After oohing and aahing over the Warhol-inspired “Coco Chanel” Campbell’s soup can print, the kaleidoscopic “Blooming Disco Nights” take on swanky clubs and the vintage 1934 map of Boston I settled upon my favorite painting: the black and white “D-O-P-E.”








Maxwell Dickson created this piece sold by Oliver Gal; it’s an edgy interpretation of the renowned L-O-V-E Pop Art image and NYC sculpture by Robert Indiana. With a bit of white paint purposely dripping from the “P” it’s clear that this painting isn’t playing by any rules.

Here are some other monochromatic prints that caught my eye:

watercolor sassy