Inspired for the New Year
By Sara Gardner
December 13th, 2018 |
Scene + Heard

Cheers to a year that challenged us to open our minds and hearts.
To find motivation in the madness, to make change, to act more boldly, and think bigger and broader than ever before.

Here’s to creation, to cooking up something fresh, and to finding inspiration everywhere, every day.

Thank you for inspiring us! Take a look at what everyone picked as their favorite moments from 2018.

The VP+C Team

(Photo: Ars Electronica via Flickr)
It’s exciting to see the future of architecture conscious of its carbon footprint, but also the ingenuity of buildings systems based on biology will develop unique and intuitive building structures that we’ve never seen before or thought possible, as well as create beautiful buildings. – Alexis

(Photo: Schiaparelli/ Kuntzel + Deygas)
I’m so excited to see the old couture houses come back, challenging fast fashion by positioning clothing as art and sculpture. If you look back at history fashion always has a way of telling the social consciousness of society—I’m curious to see how these houses will portray our current times beyond inspiration from the past, but hope for the future. – Alexis

(Photo: University of Michigan via Michigan Daily)
This past election, the University of Michigan Marching Band reminded students, parents, and the audience of why it’s important to get out and vote. I found this to be inspirational not only as a Michigan alum, but also as someone who believes in improving voter turnout in any way possible. – Aneesha

(Photo: Aneesha Arora)
This past September, I attended the Color Factory Pop Up here in Manhattan. I found this photo to be super inspirational because when I look at it, I’m reminded to have fun, laugh, and ‘look up’ to see all the color and beauty this city has to offer. – Aneesha

(Photo: Gavin Strumpman)
Santorini inspired me because it’s timeless, like being on the edge of the world, overlooking the volcano that erupted thousands of years ago and is still active. – Gavin

(Photo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
The Met’s Michelangelo exhibit inspired me by making 500-year old art modern and relevant again. – Gavin

(Photo: Jamie Weissman)
There’s nothing like the energy, style and culture of NYC. – Jamie

(Photo: The New York Times)
Glossier Founder Emily Weiss made something out of nothing and her perseverance and work ethic are inspiring. – Jamie

(Photo: Michael Reynolds, EPA-EFE via USA Today)
This was a monumental event in US History this past year. Over 200,000 people gathered to march on Washington and address the issue of gun violence in our country. What makes this march so inspiring is that it was led by this countries youth. They are voicing their opinions and demanding change, and creating a political voice early. It makes me both inspired and curious as to what the future holds for this generation and our country. – Kevin

(Photo: Stock Image via
This is both interesting and inspiring. It’s interesting that machines/computer systems have the capability to function as a human, when 10 years ago this wasn’t even thought of. It makes me wonder, what is next? – Kevin

(Photo: Tiffany & Co.)
The relaunch of Tiffany Home just blows my mind- every item is somehow irresistible. Bravo to Reed Krakoff and his team for taking the department from wedding registry items to completely craveable for everyday use. – Lisa

(Photo: Charles Pétillon)
I’ve always loved balloons, and their omnipresence in 2018 – as décor and even art – opens up endless possibilities. Image of Charles Pétillon’s Heartbeat installation in Covent Garden, London. – Lisa

(Photo: Unknown; via Wikipedia)
Sharknado’s success proves that there are NO BAD IDEAS. – Lisa

(Photo: Kevin Tachman for The New York Times)
Foiled at the Jeremy Scott show as seen in The New York Times. – Margaux

(Photo: Fred Virrazzi via North Jersey Record)
The hot duck; Our favorite spotting the mandarin duck aka “hot duck” found in Central Park only ever before seen in the wild in Southeast Asia. – Margaux

(Photo: Pinterest via Serena)
Hair Art as shared by our favorite beauty guru Michelle Lee at Allure. – Margaux

(Photo: Unknown)
2018 Sunsets coast to coast: it’s our time to shine. – Margaux

(Photo: Ed Lederman via Bloomberg)
I’m so inspired by this ground-breaking cultural establishment – the Shed – that we have been working with on behalf of one of our client, Mohawk Industries.  It’s the largest and most significant cultural project NYC has seen since Lincoln center. – Mark

(Photo: Claire Takacs)
This garden photographer and the gardens she shoots has inspired and influenced me in my own garden. (Oh, and she shot my garden for Gardens Illustrated, as well as for her own book, Dreamscapes). – Mark

(Photo: Meghan Dockendorf)
Everything realized by the brilliant Zaha Hadid – especially her residential building in New York City. – Meghan

(Photo: Pinterest via Racked)
Typography in all its forms—especially words of wit and wisdom. – Meghan

(Photo: Meghan Dockendorf)
A rare bird…the Bellemore in Chicago, where the dishes and drinks are as delectable as the décor. – Meghan

(Photo: Meghan Dockendorf)
Always music to my eyes—the magnificently mid-century modern Frederick Loewe Estate in Palm Springs. (You should have seen me dance around the property….and almost fall into the pool). – Meghan

(Photo: Meghan Dockendorf)
The details. The details. The details! The design of the super swank Somerset restaurant at the Viceroy Hotel in Chicago is beyond delicious. – Meghan

(Photo: Meghan Dockendorf)
I have a thing with beams and ceilings….the Madrid-Barajas Airport is as fly as they come. – Meghan

(Photo: Esque Studio)
Anything and EVERYTHING by Esque Studio! Its handblown-glass curiosities simply make my heart go pitter pat. – Meghan

(Photo: Meghan Dockendorf)
I HEART felt….and this deconstructed dream by Robert Morris. – Meghan

(Photo: via Winston-Salem Journal)
Frank Gehry’s downtown architectural gem is a daily dose of inspiration on my walk to work, reminding me to look up and to think outside the box. – Michelle

(Photo: The Alpha Workshops)
The team at my favorite non-profit The Alpha Workshops is a beautiful reminder that design is in the details. I’m thankful to be inspired by their mission and motto – creating beauty, changing lives. – Michelle

(Photo: Anegada / Getty Images)
“Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:4-13, NLT) – Kenda

(Photo: Myung Kim)
Being a mom to this little one makes me want to be the best version of myself, so I can be a good mother, a first mentor, and a tower of support to her. – Myung

(Photo: Courtesy of the artist via Artulu)
Look at the big picture, but don’t miss the details. – Myung

(Photo: Sara Gardner)
While in London this fall, finally got to visit my dream neon mecca – God’s Own Junkyard. Filled with color and quirkiness, this warehouse full of custom neon signage keeps me inspired just knowing it exists. – Sara

(Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin Gallery)
Do Ho Suh has inspired me since the first time I saw his work in 2011, and I was thrilled that Brooklyn Museum acquired his epic NYC apartment recreation The Perfect Home II (2003) and has it on display. – Sara

(Photo: Joel Meyerowitz. Camel Coat Couple in Street Steam, New York City, 1975.)
Looking at vintage street photography of New York City always reminds me how lucky I am to have made this crazy, ever-changing place my home. – Sara

(Photo: Related-Oxford)
This city’s energy in general is a constant source of inspiration to me. The Vessel is something that has really made an impact on me this year (thanks USAI!) given that it’s such an innovative structure that mirrors the city so perfectly as it resembles a beehive with visitors hustling and bustling around it to explore, find inspiration and be amazed. As a city that is constantly reinventing itself, The Vessel does a great job of emulating that sentiment. – Sonia

(Photo: Kali Uchis via Instagram @kaliuchis)
A fierce Latina elevating Hispanic culture and music to the forefront in the U.S. – Sonia

(Photo: Free Press)
A book by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal. – Yelena

(Photo: Terrapass)
If nature has a way to regenerate energy, one should be able to find a renewable source within. – Yelena

(Photo: Viewing NYC)
New York, ca. 1935. Everything starts from something. – Elbert

You’ll only see It once in your lifetime, so seize the day!  Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century. – Elbert

(Photo: ChopCult)
What’s better than glitter + motorcycles? – Margaux