Stories of the Week: March 11
By vpc
March 11th, 2016 |

Margaret Park: Appreciation for Delicate Things7d3ef01fdf1a6989f4e09cfef607bf4f.1120. photo series made me gasp! A beautiful photographic portrayal of the feeling of anticipation for kinfolk magazine. ~ Story & Image via The Fox is Black


I’m stunned by the intricacy of these beautiful paper sculptures by Milan-based artist Daniele Papuli. ~ Story & Images via Ignant

Michelle Addo: A “Home Cooked” Meal

I love versatile housewares, especially when its multipurpose usage is an unexpected surprise! A coffee maker that can cook an entire meal? Click below to see the results. . . ~ Story & Video via LifeHacker

Michelle Shen: Dancing Artwork


Looking forward to this modern meets classic fusion! ~ Michelle Shen/ Story via Harpers Bazaar / Images via Ken Browar & Deborah Ory

Margaux Canito: Bossy Decor


Image & Story via Buzzfeed

Melodie Mendez: Art In Motion

Video via Universal Store London