Stories of the Week: Mar. 27
By vpc
March 28th, 2017 |
Quick Reads

Take a look at this week’s highlights and what we’ve been reading…

Sara Gardner: Millennial Pink Trend
Millennial Pink… it’s a real thing. It’s currently popping up everywhere in all different forms, from fashion and films to packaging and photography – to me, it seems like it really is the defining color of these past few years. But why is it so appealing? This piece on The Cut tries to unpack the chronology behind it’s rise to fad status. Bonus: if you scroll to the end of the article, they highlight a few other fad colors from years past. (via The Cut)

Margaux Caniato: Power of Positivity
This is not really news but certainly always worth reminding ourselves, our families and our friends about the real power of positivity. (via The New York Times)

Gabriel Rodriguez Calderon: #LeggingsGate
Delta wasted no time throwing some shade at competitor United Airlines, which is facing criticism after barring leggings-clad young girls from boarding a flight over the weekend. Social media users welcomed Delta’s tweet but will Delta try to position itself as the “Airline of Freedom” or is this just an sporadic outburst to take advantage of a competitor’s pitfall? Will United respond to the “innocent” tweet from Delta? Has the social media become the new communications battlefield ? The last word has not been spoken! (via PRWeek)

Margaret Park: Jog Your Memory
I used to take pride in my elephant-like memory—hell, it’s one of the reasons why I identify with the animal so much. However in recent years, if I had a dollar for every moment I forgot something super simple like a person’s name, or details from a meeting, article or documentary, I would be so rich! Then again, I wouldn’t know how rich because I can’t remember all of the moments. Loving this tip sheet from MyDomaine on simple science-backed ways to improve your memory. (via MyDomaine)

Jamie Weissman: Former Obama Chief of Staff Interview
Obama’s former deputy chief of staff for operations wrote a memoir on her experience in which she includes many heart-warming moments she had with him, such as when he gave her dating advice and when he was being driven around in a PT Cruiser and nobody knew. (via Popsugar)