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Stories of the Week: Mar. 20
By vpc
March 21st, 2017 |
Quick Reads

Here are the news stories that caught our eye this week! With pieces on everything from artificial intelligence to custom 3D printed furniture – we’ve got you covered.

William Oh: Print The Future
At tech start-up Print the Future’s pop up shop in Midtown, customers can “collaborate with interior designers to design furniture and home goods” with an impressive turnaround time of 24 hours. Other pop-ups are planned in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago and Miami. (via The Editor At Large)

Lisa Jasper: Honey-Laced Drinks
It’s no secret that we’re friends of the bees at VP+C. Here’s a sweet spot to sip honey-infused beverages in style… See you there! (via The New York Times)

Meghan Dockendorf: The Color Psychology of Branding
I found these insights into branding fascinating, especially that men seem to favor greens & blues, and women gravitate towards blues & purples. According to this, our brand colors would make us both creative and confident + trusted and dependable… not too shabby! (via DesignTaxi)

Gabriel Rodriguez Calderon: AI in PR
AI will help PR companies process their data at a rapid speed, improving how PR companies perform their services. With improved insight on what their consumers want, the messages being delivered are strong and direct. (via Forbes)

Mel Mendez: Brooklyn Restaurant Week
Restaurant Week in Manhattan may be over, but Dine In Brooklyn has some pretty awesome offerings! (via AMNY, full list at the Dine In Brooklyn website)