Stories of the Week: June 5
By vpc
June 7th, 2017 |
Quick Reads

Take a look at what caught our eye this week in the news and on the web!

Gabriel Rodriguez: Public Editor Role vs. Social Media
With social media serving as a modern watchdog for outlets and journalists, The New York Times announced Wednesday it will offer employee buyouts and eliminate the public editor role. But can outlets rely solely on the judgement of social media users (not always knowledgeable of journalistic principles) as a vigilant force overseeing today’s news? The last word has not been spoken here. (via The New York Times)

Melodie Mendez: Quirky Gift List
We do a lot of gift-giving proposals, so I’m putting this in my bookmarks tab for some out-of-the-box inspo. (via JohnnyLists)

Brandon Roldan: Workplace Ergonomics
Just an article on optimizing workplace ergonomics to keep us young and healthy! (via Tech Republic)