Stories of the Week: June 26
By vpc
June 27th, 2017 |
Quick Reads

We saw both the rise of maximalism trend this week, as well as a trend of food publications moving further south. Read on to see more of the stories that piqued our interest this week…

William Oh: Food Pubs Moving South
Food & Wine’s magazine’s office is moving to Birmingham from NYC. This NYT article also examines the various angles behind the move and the state of food media. (via The New York Times)

Melodie Mendez: Maximalism is Back In
Move over, minimalists. Maximalism is in! (Albeit, certainly not my cup of joe). (via Archpaper)
*Note from Lisa: More is more, and less is a bore!

Sarah Duncan: 3D Printing With a Dose of High Design
OTHR takes 3D printing to next level luxury with steel, porcelain, copper and bronze home goods. (via The Wall Street Journal)

Margaux Caniato: First Female Changing of the Guard
The first female infantry officer to be involved in the historic changing of the guard is an interesting royal first! (via NBC News)

Gabriel Rodriguez: Harry Potter & Millennial Mindset
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone celebrates its 20th anniversary today and the below piece explores the relationship between millennials and ‘Potterverse.’ (via Spectator)

Lisa Jasper: We (Don’t) Need (No Stinkin’) Patches
Personal patches by Louis Vuitton made an appearance in a lineup of things that T editors are into right now. Since we recently did custom patches for a Farmacy Beauty event, it’s only fitting! (via T Magazine Online)

Connor Tippett: Workplace Culture Within Walmart
Interesting read on how a workplace culture change can affect the productivity and camaraderie within after being acquired by Walmart last year. (via The Wall Street Journal)

Sara Gardner: Free Speech in a Connected World
I’ve currently been reading the book Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World by Timothy Garton Ash, and each chapter seems to bring about a new aspect of speech that I hadn’t thought about out, or fully realized. There’s actually a lot of items in the book (published in 2016) that have completely changed as of the present in 2017. The realities of free speech and journalism ethics within an interconnected world is worth a deeper dive! (via; The New York Times review)

Jamie Weissman: 48 Hours with Donatella Versace
This was an interesting take on documenting the launch of a product – could be something to consider in terms of format for future opportunities. (via T Magazine Online)

Elyse DePasquale: Around The World at Queens Night Market
Not necessarily in my part of Queens, but seems like a fun experience with many different types of cuisines to try! (via The New York Times)