Stories of the Week: June 19
By vpc
June 21st, 2017 |
Quick Reads

This week we had an unintentional architecture focus, with everything from performance art inspired by iconic buildings to how architecture can influence everything from stress levels to public health. (Honorable mention… fried chicken in space). Read on for our stories of the week!

Meghan Dockendorf: Performance Meets NYC Architecture
Come November, live architecture-focused performances will debut in NYC. Put on by Performa, this new program called Circulations, aims to examine the movement of bodies in space, while looking at how architecture exists in today’s built environment. The site-specific acts will take place at iconic venues across the city. Let’s remember to check it out! (via

Sarah Duncan: Past Inspiring the Present
Architecture firm Hollwich Kushner revitalizes local history by adding a contemporary feel to new construction in hopes of standing out against the mass homogenization of cityscapes. (via Architectural Digest)

Connor Tippett: Silly > Stress
In a world full of stress and structure in our everyday lives, some interior designers have decided to against the grain by creating spaces with a “silly” feel to them. This includes designs that offer an escape from the seriousness of the world and a transition to a stress free, whimsical environment. (via Wall Street Journal)

Melodie Mendez: Architecture in Action
I’m liking how architecture is being used as a lens to see drug abuse as a public health issue vs. the overly sensationalized “war on drugs.” I do wonder how wholistic/comprehensive the educational pieces of these spaces are (for substance abusers and for the general community in which they reside). (via

Lisa Jasper: Fried Chicken in Space
KFC takes marketing…to new heights. The first customer for a high-tech balloon that will be able to hover in the stratosphere for months at a time is the company’s Zinger sandwich. (via The New York Times)

Jamie Weissman: Hyperloop Hotel
Be on the lookout (in 5-10 years) for the Hyperloop Hotel, a transit system that would allow guests to travel between 13 cities in the comfort of a luxury hotel room. (via Business Insider)

Gabriel Rodriguez: Time to Put the Spanish Siesta Stereotype to Bed
Spanish workers put in more hours than any in Europe despite their laid-back stereotype, but there are some who fear it could be a mistake to abandon the siesta completely. (via BBC)