Stories of the Week: July 10
By vpc
July 11th, 2017 |
Quick Reads

This week was an eclectic mix of stories from all realms! Read on to see our favorite eye-catching stories of the week…

Jamie Weissman
Some hospitals are focusing more on design to make visits less intimidating for patients and their families. (via CNN)

Lisa Jasper
I love this breakdown of text laughter. (via The New York Times)

Sarah Duncan
Marta Minujín demonstrates her resistance to political repression through her most recent endeavor, the Parthenon of Books. Using donations from people around the world, she has cast a light on the comparison of the persecution of writers in the past and present. (via Arch Daily)

Gabriel Rodriguez
Not getting political at all, but WP published this piece on the verbal communication of our president. A leading linguist studied the way Donald Trump speaks for two years. Unlike many of his predecessors, Trump doesn’t have a very elevated, refined register. He speaks like everyone else. Simple vocabulary, basic grammar, sentence interruptions and easy-to-grasp syntax study. (via Washington Post)

Brandon Roldan
Mental health is a topic that is often neglected or left undiscussed in the workplace (thankfully VP+C is not one of those workplaces); this article had an interesting twist when one employee decided to take sick leave for mental wellness. (via Business Insider)

William Oh
Happy Prime Day! In other news relating to the e-tailer, this article from the Times delves into a shopping trend where shops – including Amazon – are letting customers try on items before actually going through with the purchase. (via The New York Times)

Connor Tippett
Tiffany and Co. has seen its sales and style lag behind those of Cartier and David Yurman in recent years. Between the Swatch scandal and the new creative hardware line led by a Lady Gaga Super Bowl ad, the 180-year-old luxury jewelry brand is in desperate need of a fresh marketing campaign to capture the attention of the dynamic millennial audience. (via Wall Street Journal)

Melodie Mendez
Doodling during a meeting? Upgrade your medium to a napkin or…a banana? Snow is my personal fav! (via Business Insider

Sara Gardner
I was excited to see that there’s a new study out that says people who drink coffee are 18% less likely to die from cancer, stroke or diabetes (and 12% less likely to develop those diseases as well). So, now you don’t have to feel shame reaching for that second (or third) cup. 😉 (via Newsweek)

Elyse DePasquale
Considering our office is located in Chinatown, I found this article about Louis Chan’s photograph series of Chinese immigrants’ NYC homes extremely relevant and fascinating. (via CNN)