Stories of the Week: Feb. 27
By Gavin Strumpman
February 28th, 2017 |

This week, our top stories range from a solution-oriented mindset for the current political climate, to why Buffalo has been named the nation’s best place for architecture junkies.

Margaux Caniato: The Spirit of Solutions
My story this week comes in the spirit of looking for solutions to our current divided America, rather than dwelling on the negatives at hand. Mr. Berggruen serves up a brave new approach with a think tank he has personally funded. (via The Wall Street Journal, and academic PDF available here)

Melodie Mendez: The Nation’s Top Architecture Haven Is… Buffalo?
No offense to Buffalo, NY, but who would have thought?! (via Travel+Leisure and Visit Buffalo website)

Lisa Jasper: Shrinking Heirloom + Secondhand Furniture Market
A fascinating look at the furniture market, and seeing what this means for the industry moving forward (and where opportunity may lie). (via The Wall Street Journal)

William Oh: Uber Authority Evasion
Coming not long after the Uber story on the ex-employee who shared her negative experience working at the company, the NYT published a story on a data program Uber used to evade law officials when they were launching in cities across the US. (via The New York Times)