Stories of the Week: April 24
By vpc
April 26th, 2017 |
Quick Reads

From Eurovision excitement, new public art in NYC, and inspiring Heneiken commercials, here are our stories of the week!

Sara Gardner: Come Together (Over a Beer)
Studies have shown that short, casual conversations about hot-button issues can really be effective in changing people’s minds – or at least in putting a face to the issue. This “World’s Apart” ad for Heineken by Agency Publicis London exemplifies this, and confronts the political climate in a way that seems to be way more genuine and effective – especially compared to the embarrassing Pepsi/Kendall Jenner ad that felt exploitative and out of touch. The Heineken ad is definitely worth a watch! (via FastCompany)

Gabriel Rodriguez Calderon: Eurovision Primer for Dumb Americans
Imagine you’re in high school and you find out for the past 50 years, there’s been a massive annual party that everyone else goes to, but you were never invited. And this isn’t just any party–it has glorious dance music, over-the-top costumes, and human-sized hamster wheels–and, to reiterate, everyone else has been going, every single year, except for you.

That’s how it feels to be an American who is only now finding out about Eurovision Song Contest. This year’s contest is taking place next Saturday May, 13 in Kyiv, Ukraine. To whet your appetite, watch the TOP bet Eurovision songs ever. (via Observer)

Jamie Weissman: Trending Now – Matte Black
Matte black is having it’s moment in home goods, upgrading kitchen gear to a sleek and bold look. (via Redbook)

Michelle Shen: S Town Podcast
Also, for those who enjoyed the Serial podcast about Adnan, I recommend the new series called S Town: – Much less of a murder mystery, more of an emotional roller coaster, but does leave you feeling empowered at the end.

William Oh: Public Art Crawl
What better way to greet the warmer weather and explore the newness in the city’s neighborhoods than with a public art crawl? A handy list from Curbed looks to be just the companion for this walk around, spanning throughout Manhattan, LIC and Brooklyn Heights. (via

Melodie Mendez: Boozy Ice Cream? Yes Please.
Tipsy Scoops is getting it’s own store on 26th Street… only a short bus ride away! (via AMNY)

Margaux Caniato: Canopy Inspiration + CPR Tunes
Friend of the agency and artist Ara Starck shines in this story about decorative canopies on developments around NYC. (via The New York Times)

My second story is in keeping with one of my New Year’s resolutions – to become more musically savvy and diversified this year. I bring you… the 100 beats per minute playlist! The New York Presbyterian Hospital came out with a 40-song playlist that recommends Beyonce and ABBA for CPR training. (via CNN)

Elyse DePasquale: All-Natural Nail Polish Remover
I met a friend who works at Tenoverten salon this weekend – they are a nail salon focused on non-toxic nail care. My favorite product by Tenoverten is their all natural nail polish remover with no smell! Perfect for gals on the go – so you don’t have to worry about taking off your nail polish on a plane or public space. (They are travel size packets!)