Pretty in Purple- Color of The Month
By vpc
March 29th, 2012 |
Form + Function

 Lisa’s Purple Problem Solver…

Crocus Petal Purple #2071-40

This month’s color, chosen in honor of my favorite flower – the intrepid crocus– is a powerful one. The hue is cool and royal, fun and feminine, and a bold natural accent indoors and out.

Speaking of accents, I’ve recently had to do a bit of redecorating, since someone in my household has a thing for careening into the coffee table, making side tables go crash, and causing general mayhem when it comes to my accent furniture.

So we’ve gone soft in the Jasper household, swapping the aforementioned hazards in favor of a bright purple Moroccan pouf that does triple duty as footstool, occasional table (paired with an etched metal tray) and baby balancer. Voila!



Julianne Gets Wild…

This cheerful color evoked warm memories of my youth and the springtime. The dainty wild rose, Alberta’s provincial flower, will begin to blossom within the next few months. Yes, Canadian winters are frigid and long, yet at the budding of the wild rose, the province’s beauty transforms.

Alberta is not one of the commonly recognized Canadian provinces, but it is special in its own right.

From the picturesque prairie landscape to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, Alberta is rich with natural beauty.

If you are a nature lover, I definitely recommend adding Alberta to your list of travel destinations.




 Margaux’s Purple Hazy…

It is safe to say that most girls have gone through a lavender phase in their life, and if they haven’t, then it is simply a matter of time before they do.  Boys come to appreciate it quietly.

After all, it’s refreshing, sweet and therapeutic.  And there is nothing more breathtaking than a lavender field, whether it’s in Provence or Long Island.

Personally, every year, this pre-Easter and Spring season sparks my own lavender Renaissance as crocus blooms start to poke their heads through the winter soil, marking a return to all things fresh and new and another winter survived and gone by.

It’s a clean slate and an eager step in the direction of summer fun.

It is the color of Spring fever…


Purple haze all in my brain

Lately things just don’t seem the same

Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why

‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky 

And for my fellow Gen-Xers it is the color of a favorite artist, who changed his name to a symbol after his own purple obsession went a bit too far in the 80’s

Happy Spring!





Heidi’s All A-Flutter…

There are scores of beautiful purple plants and flowers but my favorite by far is the deep hue of a sprig from a butterfly bush. The one pictured sits next to the front steps at my parents home and its fragrance is so pretty the porch is always aflutter with winged visitors.

As I explore the parks in New York I keep my eyes peeled for the purple blossoms and my nose alert for the familiar perfume. Or maybe I’ll just follow the butterflies instead.


Meghan’s Making the Moves on Martha….

I have a girl crush. A big one. It’s been brewing for well over 5 years and now, well, it’s stronger than ever before. The chick I’m crushing on is interior designer Martha Angus, a fearless visionary who’s not afraid to play around with color, texture or patterns.

She’s all about making a statement, “artful living” and creating “wildly chic, wickedly fun, swoon-worthy” spaces. Girl….I’m swooning. She’s hands down one of my favorite femmes in the design field, and one of the coolest ladies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on a few occasions.

So, what does Martha have to do with the color purple you ask? Just peep some of her fab home furnishings that can be purchased through her design boutique on Gilt:















Michelle Closes Out Our Post…

These post-its don’t make for purple prose, but they do make for happy
notes! Oh, the little things in life..