Infusing Nature into Everyday Design
By vpc
June 22nd, 2016 |
Form + Function

As we become inundated with the next snap, like or retweet, we see ourselves trying to reconnect with nature in ways we no longer experience. We replace screensavers with pictures of fall foliage and add an orchid to our cubicle desk; but, at what point are we no longer satisfied with these facsimiles of the natural world? At what point do we recognize the hunger for nature within the confines of our concrete buildings?

There exists a consistent yearning for a visual experience more wild, elemental, vast and, ultimately, natural. From the architecture of the new World Trade Center train station, with steel beams reflecting the clouds and the surrounding glass maximizing light exposure into the subway interior, to the Dior spring couture fashion show donning the Louvre with over half a million flowers, we are seeing the comeback of the natural world in everyday design.

At VP+C, we’re charged with reimagining how we recreate experiences through campaigns and events. We know the next step is to literally bring an event or space to life. I’m ready to get wild, how about you?


A look up at the World Trade Center Transportation Hub / Photo Credit: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton/Files


Dior Spring Fashion Show / Photo Credit: