How sweet it is…
By vpc
May 31st, 2012 |
Scene + Heard

June 1, 2012 marks the 75th Anniversary of National Donut Day. Held the first Friday in June, this delicious event was started by The Salvation Army in 1938 in Chicago to honor the “Donut Lassies,” a.k.a. the women who helped to serve donut treats to soldiers during World War 1 and raise funds during the Great Depression.

During WWI, The Salvation Army sent volunteers to France to establish “huts”  in order to meet with soldiers and provide some comforts of home, including writing supplies and a baked good. Due to the challenge of keeping baked goods fresh near the front lines, two of the volunteers came up with the idea of providing donut, a deep fried dough confectionery.

Throughout the years, The Salvation Army has continued to use National Donut Day as a fundraiser. This year, they have partnered with Entenmann’s to create the largest box of donuts, along with custom made donuts 1’ in diameter. Over the years both national and local donut have joined in the celebration.

So whether you prefer glazed to custard, munchkins to marble frosted, if you pass by a donut shop this Friday, don’t be surprised if the line is out the door–with specials offering free donuts, it’s a day that is hard to resist!