Honey Potion Wins Packaging Design Awards
By vpc
May 24th, 2017 |
Form + Function

2017 must be the year of honey! Our design team at VP+C, led by CEO/Executive Creative Director Mark Veeder and Art Director + Designer Margaret Park, are responsible for the creation and development of Farmacy Beauty‘s line of beautiful eco-friendly packaging.

Recently, Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask (pictured above) has been rising to the forefront and has been recognized within the industry for innovation in packaging design, including winning a Silver DuPont Packaging Award, as well as both a GDUSA Packaging Award and Merit Award from the HOW International Design Awards. Honey Potion also took home top honors at the 2017 Cosmetic Executive Women Awards, being voted Best Indie Skincare Product.

To read a little more about the packaging innovations:

Farmacy is a farm-to-skincare line that’s farmer cultivated and science activated. The brand aesthetic is dually natural/artisanal while remaining elegant. Hand-drawn illustrations and clean, modern typography are used to represent the brand ethos of farm and science.

The transformational qualities of the product formulas are reflected in the packaging: a 6-sided box constructed in a unique format that unfolds (blooms) to reveal the brand story printed on the inside. Rather than printing additional materials on an insert tucked within the box or external branded collateral, our solution to telling the rich brand story was by printing the inner box double-sided. The box itself is designed to use little to no glue, with the exception of the bellyband seam.

We sought to tell the story of the Echinacea GreenEnvy™ Honey (the key ingredient) by incorporating a hexagonal glass jar in the traditional shape of honey comb, which is clear to show the beautiful gold color of the product inside. With the secondary paper packaging, we incorporated again a honeycomb motif that pops from the white bellyband.

Our biggest innovation with the packaging for this product was the addition of a magnetic spatula. Though a seemingly straightforward idea, it was a breakthrough within the beauty industry and it truly adds a lot to the user experience of the application of the face mask, being both a way to keep contamination out of the jar as well as a way to not lose it within a cabinet or vanity!

From something that started out as a big idea and folded paper has truly blossomed into something incredible!

Farmacy Beauty products can be found on FarmacyBeauty.com, in-store and online at Sephora.com, and at QVC.com.