Holiday Giving – Miracle on 22nd Street
By vpc
December 21st, 2016 |
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By Jamie Weissman

It’s no doubt that the holiday season brings out our most generous selves. However, we were inspired by this New York couple who set the giving standard high by creating a global gifting movement.


It all started in 2010 when Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker moved into their new 22nd Street apartment in NYC. Previous tenants had warned they received letters addressed to Santa but left them unanswered. However, after receiving close to 450 letters by the time Christmas rolled around, Glaub and Parker knew they had to do something.

Their response: a mission to get every wish granted. Through the use of social media, friends and family, the couple was able to get 150 out of the 450 letters fulfilled that year. Since then, they have dedicated every holiday season to make sure all of the families in need have a little holiday cheer through the use of word of mouth and “Miracle on 22nd Street”, a Facebook group that helps distribute letters to participants around the world. Since they began their mission, the now London-based couple has received help from people around the world, including places such as Nicaragua, Hawaii, Alaska, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo.

We’re positive Santa appreciates the help.

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