Favorite Films: Holiday Edition
By vpc
December 13th, 2016 |
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We polled the VP+C office to see what everybody’s favorite “go-to” holiday movie is, and we came up with a great collection of fun flicks! Check out the list below:

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
makes Meg’s heart light up like a Christmas tree because it’s a brilliant blend of naughty and nice, and packed with one liners like, “Hallelujah. Holy s***. Where’s the Tylenol?”, that perfectly sum up Meg’s family gatherings. Her other favorite is Planes, Trains and Automobiles which she starts watching in August.

Margaret’s holiday movie routine usually consists of the entire Harry Potter series and Love Actually. She
 can’t decide which story within love actually is her favorite—the adorable drummer kid (who grew up to be a Wildling in Game of Thrones whaaaat??), the Prime Minister and Nathalie (I love that she curses so much), or Colin Firth’s story. Regardless, the “All You Need is Love” surprise performance at Keira Knightley’s wedding scene in the beginning NEVER fails to ignite a happy cry.

Speaking of Love Actually, it is also a top pick for both Michelle Shen and Michelle Addo! Michelle A. says, “My family watches this every Christmas Eve – It’s modern, sweet and a little different (for its time) take on the holiday.”

A Muppet Christmas Carol
is a favorite of Lisa’s – but in a celebration of general Judaism, she says this list is a great one for some Chanukkah and Hanukkah viewing.

The Holiday
and White Christmas are both staples for Sara. Jack Black and Kate Winslet’s story line is her favorite in The Holiday, although she would loveee to have automated blackout curtains like Cameron Diaz’s character. 🙂 White Christmas is simply a heartwarming classic full of elaborate song & dance numbers a la Bob Fosse – although the best is when Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye perform the song “Sisters”!

For Melodie, it’s a toss-up between Home Alone and The Santa Clause. Just to clarify, she ONLY likes the first versions of both; anything after that was just a disappointment.

Home Alone
is also Gabriel’s top pick. “With a masterfully crafted script, a glorious score, and brilliant acting, no one can deny that this film has touched the hearts of adults and kids over the last 25 years. William’s music is simply wonderful, the color photography is epic and the main story is probably every boy’s dream of what it might be like to be left home alone without parents: pizza, ice-cream, and some real action! I wish my parents would’ve left me “Home Alone” at least once, it’s definitely something we all as kids should’ve experienced.”

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas
(with Jim Carrey) is Jamie’s favorite. It’s always fun to visit Whoville!

Maybe not considered a “traditional” holiday film, Lena and her family always like to watch Curly Sue in the weeks leading up to the holidays!

Kelley, William and Elizabeth all love the Will Ferrell movie Elf. Kelley says, “It is hard to pick a favorite scene but one of the best would have to be the scene when he decorates the toy store for Santa’s visit and then realizes that Santa is not the real Santa and yells “You sit on a throne of lies!” It is such a quotable movie whether it is Christmas time or not!”

William notes, “I love Will Ferrell movies when I want to watch a comedy, and the holidays are a perfect time for it. I’m also a sucker for any holiday movie that takes place in New York, and they capture the spirit of the season so well!”

Myung’s favorite holiday movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. She says, “It might be too dark for this joyful season, but I had a phase in college where I fell in love with model making and Tim Burton’s stop motion animations inspired me so much! Since then, I have this movie running every year while I’m decorating and getting my house ready for the Christmas.” 🙂

The Polar Express is a family favorite in Margaux’s home. She says that they watch it about 20 times a season – the magic within the movie never gets old!