A Touchy Subject

Believe it or not, PDA isn’t my thing. No one wants to see strangers cooing or cuddling unless it involves a baby or puppy (perhaps even a kitten). Sure, sometimes a smooch on the subway is warranted; a hand hold over hot chocolate can be justified, too. But, for the most part, personal space in public is paramount if you want to play with me.

At least, that was my steadfast stance up until 10 minutes ago when my fingers found Design Milk’s post on Touchables, a clothing concept created by New York-based designer Drew Stanley. Fashioned to encourage intimacy between couples, the lovey-dovey line of shirts sport strategically placed pockets in areas that twosomes typically touch–for women, the pockets are located on the lower back and shoulder, while the men’s shirt has pockets on the mid-back and bicep. And, well, I think these tops are the tops and potential PDA game changers for me…not because touchy-feely is suddenly swell, but because my hands are always cold and, problem solved. Now, if a certain someone would like to purchase the pair for us then maybe we can take that sentimental stroll I’ve been hearing so much about.






























3 responses to “A Touchy Subject”

  1. Deborah says:

    This is just the cutest concept. Who needs a mitten now?
    Thanks for sharing another clever idea.

  2. josh says:

    Meghan, I love that I can read the headline and automatically know this is YOU! 🙂

    “Can’t touch this,”

  3. Meghan says:

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for reading! Yes, VP+C does have a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/VPCpartners. We look forward to having you as a new fan.

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