Farmacy Beauty


Farmacy is a new skincare brand that’s on everyone’s lips, largely thanks to VP+C. It began with a single green Echinacea bloom that Mark Veeder found in his flowerbed and which he had horticultural labs test to confirm was a hybrid Echinacea.

He named it GreenEnvy and, learning it far exceeded the healthful properties of any other Echinacea genus, patented it for its medicinal potency. In 2014, a marriage was made with one of the world’s most respected and prolific cosmetics labs leading to the rollout of Farmacy in fall of 2015.

We’ve driven every step of the process, creating the branding, packaging design and brand storytelling. In just a matter of two years, it’s become a multimillion dollar brand and a sales hit exclusive to Sephora and QVC. Additionally, it’s the winner of the CEW Indie Skin Care Brand Award and received Allure magazine’s Best of Beauty Award. The website designed and managed by VP+C is a major revenue generator as well as the source of brand messaging.

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