What We’re Loving Lately
By Sara Gardner
February 13th, 2019 |
Scene + Heard

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Here’s what inspires us,
We hope it gives you something new to love, too!
– VP+C Team

(Photo Credit: Hatchette Book Group)
When the weather is cold, there’s nothing I love more than curling up with a good book. Finishing the 2018 Pulitzer Prize winner, Less, by Andrew Sean Greer, was like going through a bad breakup. – Lisa

(Photo Credit: Sara Shakeel via Instagram @sarashakeel)
Artist Sara Shakeel applies signature sparkle to magically transform the mundane. It’s glitter we can all get behind! – Lisa

(Photo Credit: Michael Bloom)
I, of course, LOVE my husband’s retail/experience emporium Foundry42+– Mark

(Photo Credit: Matchaful via Instagram @matchaful)
My morning matcha drink from MATCHAFUL cafe on Lafayette and Spring. I get the Vanilla Zen with oat milk and CBD added. – Mark

(Photo Credit: BBC)
This article about tackling gender imbalance in journalism. Thank you! I love this. #genderequality – Alexis

(Photo Credit: Peter White for Getty Images)
So extra and hilarious. LOVE IT. – Alexis

(Photo Credit: via Yvon Lux)
Ziad Nakad SS19 at Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week… I want everything! #casualfriday – Alexis

(Photo Credit: Alessandro Viero for Vogue, GoRunway.com)
This Funny or Die article pinpoints my sentiments exactly. – Alexis

(Photo Credit: Aneesha Arora)
I recently visited the Candytopia popup museum here in NYC – this “Dope!” sign was made entirely out of candy and I love it! – Aneesha

(Photo Credit: Aneesha Arora)
My dog, Weezy, lounging in my bed on a Sunday. Moments like this are when I’m the happiest. – Aneesha

(Photo Credit: Sonia Portaluppi)
The newest addition to the family, mini Sergio spends his days exploring, snuggling and playing. #goals – Sonia

(Photo Credit: via Instagram @weallgrowlatina)
I LOVE seeing women of all walks of life and backgrounds feeling empowered, rising up, leaning in and taking action. Here’s to more! – Sonia

(Photo Credit: Renee Elizabeth Peters via Instagram @renee.elizabethpeters)
“Sustainability isn’t black and white. Our convos around them shouldn’t be either.” – Elbert

(Photo Credit: Amazon)
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. Hilarious. – Elbert

(Photo Credit: Whitney.org)
My first visit to The Whitney Museum was well-spent checking out Andy Warhol’s most iconic pieces. – Jamie

(Photo Credit: Classpass.com)
Monster Cycle at Limelight: One of NYC’s most infamous nightclubs is now a fitness center, but hints of the building’s past life are still evident. – Jamie

(Photo Credit: via dreamteamfc.com)
Possibly, my first love is music. The joy of hearing chords, chord progressions, harmony, distinct voices, and different genres, was brought to me at an early age by my Mom. But, what was even better than hearing the music was SINGING it! And I will never forget how full and alive singing makes me feel! – Kenda

(Photo Credit: via revivalandreformation.org)
First and foremost, I am so incredibly thankful to God for His Love, and for being Love! My life has never been the same since! #joy – Kenda

(Photo Credit: Harper Collins)
Still my favorite fantasy book by, possibly, my favorite author! Wonder and magic, wisdom and love, are woven together in this marvelous tapestry of words. I have gotten more out of this book as an adult than I did as a child! – Kenda

(Photo Credit: My Hero Academia via gamerevolution.com)
Anime is always dear to my heart for telling stories that inspire! Whether it’s My Hero Academia for showing what it means to be a hero amidst the reality of darkness, or mixing historic periods like the Edo perio with a hip-hop soundtrack like Samurai Champloo (music + anime! Joy!). Some of the most amazing inspiration, as a creative, has from anime for me. – Kenda

(Photo Credit: Instagram via @badgalriri)
One word: Rihanna. The icon, the baddest, a legend. – Kevin

(Photo Credit: via grandslamfitness.co.in)
The gym has always been a love of mine. It is a place where I am able to challenge myself both mentally and physically. A place where I can better myself all around. – Kevin

(Photo Credit: Penguin Group)
My loves right now are all around reading, learning and being inspired by great thinkers. On my nightstand now are: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and White Houses by Amy Bloom. – Margaux

(Photo Credit: Penguin Random House)
I will say about both – that despite all the chaos in the world right now, even in our own government – I am simply grateful and acknowledge what a privilege it is to be living in the world, but in this country, in this day with the ability to live authentically, to love freely with integrity and to be kind and honest humans. Most importantly it is a privilege to live with the freedom to raise our children empowered by the same gifts. – Margaux

(Photo Credit: Meghan Dockendorf)
Wow-factor wallpaper. Color-blocked leather headboards. New perspectives. Saturdays in bed…especially at The Viceroy. – Meghan

(Photo Credit: Meghan Dockendorf)
PINK! Shocking, I know. But this pair of lovely ladies on Orchard – my happy street – make me see the sweet shade differently. – Meghan

(Photo Credit: Robert Mapplethorpe)
The one-and-only Robert Mapplethorpe. My creative constant. My kind of “rebel” with a cause. The reason why I got into pictures. If in NYC, don’t miss Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now at the Guggenheim. – Meghan

(Photo Credit: Michelle Young for Untapped Cities)
28th Street Subway Station Mosaic (Lex Ave 4/6 line). The stunning new mosaics are based off of drawings by Nancy Blum that represent perennials – and it’s fitting that the Flower District right nearby! The MTA Arts and Design organization has really been spotlighting some incredible work lately, and subway/MTA art is one of my favorite things about NYC that makes me fall in love with the city all over again. – Sara

(Photo Credit: Roy Rochlin)
Shantell Martin for the NYC Ballet Art Series. Can’t wait to see this beautiful install in person – I’ve been a fan of Shantell’s since seeing her work at a restaurant in Bed-Stuy near my first apartment in Brooklyn. Her winding, yet simple, illustrations are so mesmerizing and filled with intrigue that only stream-of-consciousness work like hers can. – Sara

(Photo Credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans for 10 Magazine)
Balmain Couture SS19 Show. Though I’m not usually a high fashion person, something about the SS19 collection really struck me – the outlandish, alien-yet-organic shapes with muted watercolor-like pastels…so dreamy, crazy and wonderful. – Sara

(Illustration Credit: Anna Fadeeva for Creative Mornings)
I’m loving Creative Mornings field trips and talks. I’m always inspired by the theme, discussions and engaging event opportunities. – Michelle

(Photo Credit: Radiant Hot Yoga via Groupon.com)
Hot Yoga is banishing away any winter blues, keeping me warm and zen throughout the wicked weather we’ve been having. Favorite studios are PowerFlow Yoga and Radiant Yoga. – Michelle

(Photo Credit: Rhode Cake via Instagram @rhode_flowercake)
Korean traditional celebratory food, Tteok (rice cake), met with the artistry of piping. These beautiful bean paste flowers are pure joy to look at. – Myung

(Illustration Credit: Ruane Condron via ruanecondron.com)
During my art school years, I’ve done a ton of these drawing exercises where you draw a subject without looking at your sketchbook and in a continuous line. I never enjoyed these exercises since I wanted all of my drawings to look perfect. But, with all the current trends of simplified line illustrations and icons you see on everything from packaging to advertisements, I’ve started to appreciate the organic movement and imperfection that contour drawings bring. – Myung

(Photo Credit: Yelena Sirotin)
In the chilly weather, I’ve been enjoying baking. – Yelena

(Photo Credit: Yelena Sirotin)
Our family pet, Oreo! – Yelena