VP+C’s Favorite Coffee Shops
By Kimberly
October 1st, 2019 |
Scene + Heard

In honor of International Coffee Day – a day of celebration for the caffeinated elixir that we all know and love, we have compiled all our favorite coffee shops! Coffee can be the first sip of a productive day, the impetus for people to meet and connect, and a cultural capstone that everyone can relate to. Whether it’s Friends meeting at Central Perk or Seinfeld ‘s group bonding over their brews; coffee is the heartstring of so many communities and friendships. 

This week, let’s also acknowledge all the people involved in this special drink, from farmers to roasters, baristas to your favorite coffee shop proprietor. We can give thanks to these people that help bring this beverage to our lips every morning.

Happy International Coffee Day – go get yourself a large Cappuccino from one of these places we recommend!

Mark’s Favorite: Foundry 42

Foundry 42 is in Port Jervis, NY. Not only do they have their own exclusive blend of coffee roasted for them in small batches on demand, but it’s an incredible experiential store as well.  At Foundry 42, you can get a great cup of Joe along with a fresh-baked muffin – my favorite is the Unicorn Muffin, of course – or other amazing baked goods. The Chip Chip cookies are killer, an amazing chocolate chip cookie topped with potato chips.

The coffee shop is at the entrance to a whole store that is a well-curated collection of home furnishings, gifts, antiques, books and incredible stuff for kids.  Plus, they have cool programming including “Story and Craft Time”, “Stich ‘n’ Bitch”, “Kids Cooking with Cooper”, yoga and more!

Margaux’s Favorite: The Granola Bar

Located in Westport CT -This place is the bomb. It started as a food truck and grew quickly into a ‘must visit’ establishment. If you are planning to make an apple picking pilgrimage outside the city or you find yourself going through Connecticut this place is well worth a visit. My favorite is their Nitro Cold brew. It’s perfect before a cardio session or for the cardio session we call life. Located right in between the Merrit Parkway and I95 it’s also right down the street from the beloved Terrain. The vote for my favorite coffee shop is The Granola Bar!

Jamie’s Favorite: Blue Spoon Coffee Company 

I love stopping by Blue Spoon to grab one of their delicious Iced Mochas or Iced Chai Lattes. It’s the best way to start the morning! 

Nikki’s Favorite: Maman

  • 239 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013 + Locations in Tribeca, Nomad, Hudson, Meatpacking, Greenpoint, Toronto, and Montreal
  • www.mamannyc.com

My fave coffee shop is Maman. I fell in love with the spot because they have the cutest designs on their coffee cups! Plus they have the most delicious pastries that instantly transport me to France. 

Aneesha’s Favorite: The Bean on Broadway

When I was in classes at NYU, my friends and I would come here all the time. Love their “Frozen Mona Lisa.”

Michelle’s Favorite: Gregory’s Coffee

  • 42 Broadway, New York, NY, 10004 + Locations all over New York, Jersey City and Washington DC
  • www.gregoryscoffee.com

Gregory’s Coffee is the new and improved Starbucks that’s won over my black heart.

This new boutique coffee chain concept, taking cities across the country by storm, offers delicious beverage options to give you a boost in more ways than one. The menu speaks to of-the-moment health trends beyond ingredients like matcha or turmeric, with keto coffee completed with a touch of MCT oil, or my favorite: charcoal mylk. Several options are on the table depending on your goals – vitamin/ immunity boost, protein balance, and much more. You get the efficiency of a franchise but a boutique atmosphere and selection.

Gavin’s Favorite: Truth Coffee

  • 36 Buitenkant St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa
  • www.truth.coffee

Quirky cafe that’s a steampunk world of pipes and old metal, with gourmet, home-roasted coffee.

Kim’s Favorite: Peekskill Coffee House

Every day, after our classes in High School, my friends and I would all stuff ourselves into each other’s cars to make the daily pilgrimage to the Peekskill Coffee House. There have been so many jubilant parties, sad stories, gossipy conversations – more recently, joyful homecomings and reconnections – that have taken place on the mishmash of vintage chairs and chipped Formica tables. While being nostalgic for me, I can also attest to their premium coffee, delicious crepes and paninis, and fabulous staff of baristas.

For those of you that want further reading, see below for some great long reads into the cultural phenomena that is COFFEE.