Dreaming Big – What are you Dreaming About Now?
By vpc
August 17th, 2021 |
Scene + Heard

We are starting to come up for air – it’s been a year of swirling in place and thinking existentially about big things while appreciating the small more than ever. We are thinking about the essential AND the possibilities for a better world. Regular-ish guys are taking off into space – and yet we crave being safe and grounded and the earth not crumbling down around us.

Jill on our team is a working mom of a toddler in the midst of a pandemic – say no more – so she tells us that in all honesty, her short term dream goals are to ACTUALLY SLEEP and YASSS DREAM – figuratively and literally but her long term dream goals are “for my son to have a fulfilled life of all the feels and grow up, leading by example with empathy and inclusion in his heart, love in his soul and passion for everything he puts his mind to. Is that too cheese?” We say no its making us all tear up.  

Margaux dreams of a big barn and regular dance parties, lots of visitors,  inspiring talks and art exhibitions therein. She dreams of her children growing old, happy and healthy, doing work that they love and dancing with her in said barn for many moons to come, since she also dreams of living until 137. She also secretly dreams of writing a book that allows her to meet Oprah finally and share with the world how important it is to lead with love and empathy before judgement.

Mark’s dream is about leaving a legacy for his girls CC & Crosby. He dreams to walk down the personal care aisle in the big box stores and see all paper BeautyCarton™ packaging …proving that the agencies newest incubator brand sk*p was the changemaker that sparked a movement!

And so we ask YOU – what are YOU dreaming about NOW?