By Kimberly
January 15th, 2020 |
Near + Far

At VP+C, we take new year’s resolutions seriously — and even offer an extra day off to help achieve new goals. Here’s a look at our fresh crop of personal commitments… looks like we have a lot of fiber and flights on our horizon… check back soon to see how we fare.


Our fearless leader Veeder wants to MAINTAIN A PLANT FORWARD DIET!!


Practice resistance and …a Cartwheel (third year in a row for the cartwheel- this year may be the charm)

Cartwheel is both literal and metaphorical and this year I will schedule a session with a coach to finally nail it and conquer my fear.

2020 will be the Year of Resistance. The ability not to be affected by something especially adversely- also the counter weight you gift yourself to make you stronger – a movement to bring change in the world when it’s heading in a direction that we do not agree with. This is not merely a result of too much meditation while adding weight on stationary bikes — it’s bigger than this. It’s our persons- it’s our government- it’s our climate- it’s how we show up in the world. The harder you work the luckier you get. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. This will be the year of resistance to build some great foundations for the decade to come! #building #learning #growing #diggingdeep #dontfightwithcrazy #controlthecontrollables #lettherestgo #dothework #yearofresistance #letsdothis


As a lifelong city chick, my travel usually takes me to other bustling cities. This year, I vow to seek out sand, sink my toes, soak up rays and savor sunsets at 5 new beaches, and overcome my fear of swimming in the ocean. On the docket: Monte Carlo, Nice, Portimao, Faro and good old dirty Jersey.


In 2020, I have three major, short-terms goals and the biggest of all is to qualify for the 2021 NYC Marathon. It’s going to take a lot of time, energy and money but it’ll be worth the huge accomplishment! I have to complete 9 races and volunteer at 1 to qualify. My goal is to layer in a half marathon or two to ensure I’m practicing consistently and diligently. 


Visit Iceland!


My resolution is to travel more in the new year. I hope to visit Kenya in 2020, fingers crossed!


I’ll try aerial yoga for the first time and master roller skating by 2021. Work on my flexibility and stamina with aerial yoga, and nail backwards skating.