A destructive explosion and fire in a factory neighboring Dornbracht’s manufacturing facility in Germany knocked out a large chunk of the faucet maker’s operations. VP+C jumped into crisis management PR mode for this longtime client with a mandate to keep interest levels in the brand as high as possible while it mobilized to rebuild.


VP+C mounted a publicity and public relations campaign that not only directly addressed how Dornbracht had courageously decided to rise from the ashes (it had the option to take the insurance money and run), but also how it was aggressively continuing to pump out new creations—its first new finish in decades and a stellar new style, Supernova.

Orchestrating for Dornbracht to partner with Davis & Warshow, one of its NYC dealers and another VP+C client, we exploited the timing of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, placing paparazzi photographers on street corners nearby D&W’s SoHo showroom and in the path of the design-savvy crowds who hit the ‘hood during ICFF. Their images were instantly transmitted to a big screen at D&W, a tactic that helped to drive traffic to a reception hosted there for superstar Supernova. Guests could download their images from a website as mementos. Nearly 200 filed through the open house event; Dornbracht New York retailers including Davis & Warshow reported a spike in product inquiries.