What do you do when an “ex” PR client asks you back for a repeat performance in putting its name in lights among the A+D community with the launch of yet another chair?


First time around in 2001, Allsteel had pinned an entire re-branding and PR effort on the launch of the innovative #19 chair, and VP+C delivered bar-raising, needle-moving results including one of the first-ever 3D documentary videos, as well as a performance by acrobatic daredevils descending with #19s from the rafters of a NYC theater. We scored points, as well, when leadership was bumped up the corporate ladder for this success.

In 2008, VP+C engineered another PR campaign for another seating introduction, Acuity. This time we also masterminded print advertising, public relations and a sales/video packet in addition to an event built around an art gallery concept with the chair in three sculptural poses of clarity: “exploding” parts; encased in a block of ice; and as a vortex of ideas. VP+C regained Allsteel as a full time account once more.