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Villeroy & Boch Public Relations


As their New York PR firm, we found that the secret weapon of dinnerware manufacturer Villeroy & Boch is its own family members—charismatic and attractive eighth (and now ninth) generation descendants of the founders. Of course, it helps, too that there are creative strands of DNA because the company continues to lead in the production of some of the world’s most dynamic tabletop designs.


Here in the U.S., Isabelle von Boch was not merely a brand spokesperson for in-store events, but we gave her voice as an entertaining and tabletop expert. The press adored her and we netted coverage everywhere she appeared. We elevated her and the brand to star status among the competition – no wonder it’s held rank as the best selling china at Bloomingdale’s for over a decade.


PR Clip of Villeroy & Boch by VP+CPR Clip of Villeroy & Boch by VP+C